Washington: Despite the corona vaccination in the United States, the number of deaths due to the global epidemic of corona is increasing day by day, in such situation, the report released by the American media has shocked.

According to the details, the American media says that the first month of the year 2121 proved to be the deadliest for the United States. In January, 95,245 people died from the virus in the United States, after which the number of deaths from corona in the United States has risen to 454,000.

According to US media, vaccination against coronavirus is underway in the United States and as a result, the number of people infected with corona has decreased and the number of patients infected with a corona in hospitals has also decreased. Yes, but still 95,000 deaths in January is a matter of concern.

According to US media, the average number of deaths from the global epidemic in the United States on a daily basis is 3,150, while the number of Yen affected by the global epidemic has reached 26.9 million. On the other hand, the number of victims of Corona in India has exceeded 10 million In India, more than 8,000 cases were reported in an hour, while the number of deaths from the coronavirus in India has reached 154,000.

On the other hand, White House spokeswoman Jane Psaki said in a statement a few days ago that we must get to the bottom of how the coronavirus appeared and spread around the world. The Biden administration is committed to using all available resources to find out the facts.

A spokesman of the White House said the WHO’s report on the spread of the virus would not be relied upon.

It should be noted that the new strain of corona found in South Africa has now reached the United States. Two cases of the new virus of South African nature have been reported in the United States. This new and more contagious form of the corona has been confirmed for the first time in the United States.

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