LONDON: A new type of corona has gripped Britain, with the British Prime Minister announcing a national lock down in the country.


According to foreign media, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced a national lock down due to the outbreak of a new type of corona virus in the country. He appealed to the public not to leave their homes unnecessarily, believing we are in the final stages of the fight against the virus. The lock down will continue, he feared, adding that the days ahead would be more serious for Corona.

It should be noted that the National Health Care System (NHS) had demanded a strict lock down to prevent coronavirus, after which the tariff lock down was already in force in England where strict restrictions were imposed on citizens.

Opposition Labor leader Sarkir Sturmer had called on the Prime Minister to impose a strict lock down across the country 24 hours in advance so that the situation could be brought under control and the lives of citizens could be saved. The decision is not a good one, it is important to impose sanctions in a timely manner in the current situation.

On the other hand, a new type of corona virus has reached New York, while the number of corona victims in the United States has reached 21.3 million. In addition, more than 16,000 cases have been reported in India in a single day due to the new strain of corona.

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