Beirut: The Lebanese army has declared a state of emergency in the wake of the deadly Coronavirus epidemic and imposed a nationwide curfew, with the army’s high council taking steps with the president’s special permission.

According to the details, after the outbreak of Coronavirus got out of control, the Lebanese army has declared a state of emergency, taking control of the whole country due to the increasing cases of Corona.

According to the Lebanese News Agency, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces has issued a statement saying that a complete curfew will be imposed across the country from 6 am on Thursday, January 14 to Monday, January 25.

The Lebanese military has said that all hospitals must treat patients with corona and that strict action will be taken against those hospitals where patients with coronavirus will not be admitted.

In addition, the rate of flights at airports across the country will be reduced to 20%, foreign passengers arriving in the country will be confined to hotels for 7 days while citizens will quarantine themselves in their homes.

A statement from the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said that all public places across the country would be closed and business activities would be suspended in addition to all kinds of celebrations and social gatherings. All citizens should abide by the curfew. Don’t go out of the house except for circumstances.

The Lebanese military says the curfew will only exempt individuals and entities that have been issued special permits by government agencies.

Earlier, the Lebanese armed forces said that following the cabinet’s recommendations, the Lebanese president had approved handing over control of the country to the army.

The High Council of the Army convened an emergency meeting in which it was decided to declare an emergency after reviewing the situation in the country.

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