Coronavirus: Just one mistake killed the couple

WASHINGTON – A couple in the United States have been taking precautionary measures against the coronavirus all along, but due to a single mistake, the couple succumbed to the coronavirus and died.

According to international media reports, Mike and Carol Bruno did everything possible to avoid Code 19, avoiding all family gatherings and restricting themselves to phone calls and video conferences.

However, due to one mistake, he fell victim to code 19 and died.

In late November, Carol Bruno came to her son Joseph’s house with her daughter to cut her husband’s hair. Earlier, Joseph’s sister worked in a salon and passed the Code 19 test, while she was quarantined for three to four days to tell the family that it was safe to be around them.

They stayed in the apartment for 40 minutes and during their presence, the couple wore masks and avoided hugging. But the very next day, Joseph’s sister began to show signs of the coronavirus, which soon followed, and the mother and son’s health deteriorated.

Carroll was hospitalized in late November but was discharged the same week as his condition improved, but had to return to the hospital two days later, this time on a ventilator.

After that, her husband also fell ill and suffered from code 19 symptoms. The day he was transferred to Vanity Fair, his wife died, and Mike died nine days later, just two days before Christmas.

His son, Joseph Bruno, told the American website that his family’s tragedy would remind people that no matter how hard you try to stay safe, it is easy to fall victim to code 19.

“If I hadn’t spent those 40 minutes with my mother, my parents would still be alive today,” he said.

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