There was an incident with a man living in the US state of Massachusetts which he himself could not believe.

According to the report of the Daily Mail, Brad Gauthier 38, of Worcester, Massachusetts, had difficulty breathing when he woke up on Tuesday morning.

When Brad drank water as usual in the morning, he did not go in but came out, but he felt severe abdominal pain with difficulty in breathing, after which his wife took him to the hospital.

When the patient reported his condition, the doctor immediately suggested an X-ray to find out about the disease. Brad had an X-ray as directed by the doctor and was shocked when his report came.

Doctors said that an X-ray showed something in his stomach and when he looked closely, it was Apple AirPods. The patient laughed when he heard this, but when he saw the report, he himself was surprised.

Brad was at first worried about where these AirPods came from, but when he began to think about it, he came to the conclusion that he might have swallowed these AirPods while sleeping at night.

Because of the AirPods, when Brad drank water in the morning, it accumulated in his throat because of AirPods.

Brad said his AirPods were lost two days ago, after which he and his family searched for them but could not find them.

Doctors removed the AirPods through endoscopy (surgery) after which the patient’s breathing was completely restored and the severity of his pain was reduced.

Doctors said that if the AirPods had not been identified, it could have been very dangerous for the patient as it was seriously affecting the internal system.

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