Former US President Donald Trump and his son have mocked President Joe Biden for stumbling two or three times and then almost roaring on the staircase of the plane.

US President Joe Biden stumbled on March 20 while boarding an Air Force plane from Washington DC to Atlanta.

Joe Biden stumbles on staircase of plane
Joe Biden stumbles on staircase of plane | PC: Screenshot

The viral video of Joe Biden staggering shows him staggering at least three times and almost falling once as he climbed the flight of stairs.

After the video of Biden’s staggering surfaced, many people on Twitter made fun of him and there were rumors about his health.

The White House said in a statement that Biden was in good health.

After the video of Biden stumbling on the steps of his plane went viral, former US President Donald Trump also mocked him and told him that he had not lost the election to him.

According to the British newspaper The Express, Donald Trump made fun of Joe Biden after watching a video of him falling down the stairs at his Palm Beach residence.

Citing clips that went viral on social media, the report said that while Donald Trump mocked Biden, he reiterated his claim that he had not lost to Biden in the 2020 election.

In addition, Donald Trump’s son also made fun of Joe Biden for staggering.

Donald Trump's son expresses concerns about Joe Biden's Health
Donald Trump’s son also expressed concern about Biden’s health, including making fun of him — screenshot

Remember that Biden is not the first American president to stumble on the stairs, before him Donald Trump was seen walking slowly on the stairs several times for fear of stumbling or falling.

Earlier, former US President Barack Obama also stumbled on the stairs, while in the past, several presidents and vice presidents also stumbled on the stairs.

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