New Delhi: A seven-year-old girl died on a GoAir flight in India after suffering a heart attack.

According to an Indian media report, a seven-year-old girl died of a heart attack on a GoAir flight from Lucknow to Mumbai.

A flight from Lucknow to Mumbai had to make an emergency landing at Nagpur International Airport due to the poor condition of the passenger. The girl was first examined by the medical staff at the airport and later shifted to Government Medical College and Hospital.

Doctors pronounced seven-year-old Aushi Panwasi Prajapati dead, saying the passenger had died a few hours earlier and that a possible heart attack could be due to fear of heights.

On the other hand, the girl’s father told the media that her daughter was fine before the trip but during the flight, her health suddenly started deteriorating. The father has demanded an investigation to determine the girl’s death.

The GoAir management says the girl’s death was caused by a medical condition, that the plane made an emergency landing and did everything possible to provide medical assistance.

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