A healthy 3-year-old boy in England died of sudden abdominal pain, but doctors’ emergency surgery could not save him.

According to local media reports, 3-year-old Jude Chen was perfectly healthy and was lying in bed laughing the night before.

The baby’s mother says he woke up at night complaining of abdominal pain and vomiting all night. He was in a coma until the next morning, after which he was rushed to a hospital emergency room.

According to the family, doctors initially thought he had diabetes, but when he was scanned, he was diagnosed with an intestinal disorder.

Doctors operated on him immediately, after which he remained on life support for 24 hours but could not recover and died within 48 hours of suffering.

The mother says the baby has never had a medical problem before.

According to her, the hospital staff treated him well during this difficult time and provided the best facilities, now they are raising funds for the hospital to save the lives of other children like Jude.

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