Brussels: The European Union says European women have limited time spent outside the home for fear of harassment.

According to international media, the European Union Agency has said in its report that the majority of European women have restricted their movement due to fear of attack or harassment.

The Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), in its report published on Friday, revealed that a staggering 83% of women between the ages of 16 and 29 have to go somewhere or spend time with someone because of their safety. Time is limited.

The FRA released the figures after surveying 35,000 people across Europe, the United Kingdom, and northern Macedonia.

The report’s author, Sami Niwala, says the harassment is of a sexual nature that affects women in particular, often in public places and that women do not even know the people involved.

Sami Niwala adds that such experiences later reflect women’s views on these places. It is also a big issue in terms of equality because it shows that women cannot go to public places like men.

According to the FRA, during the five years of the survey, about one in 100 people in the EU experienced violence, and young people, ethnic minorities, and people with disabilities were more likely to be victims of violence than others.

The report also said that most such crimes go unreported, with only 30 percent of physical violence reported and only 11 percent of harassment reported.

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