Jangipur: An explosion took place at a railway station in the Indian state of Bengal, injuring a Muslim minister.

According to the Indian media report, West Bengal Minister for Labor Zakir Hussain reached Nimtita railway station in Jangipur to leave for Calcutta.

When Zakir Hussain and his companions reached the railway station to leave, there was a loud explosion.

According to media reports, the blast took place at the railway station in the Jangipur area of ​​the Murshidabad district of West Bengal yesterday, as a result of which Zakir Hussain was injured.

After Zakir Hussain reached the station, a person was making a video when the explosion took place. The video of the blast was shared on the internet in which it can be seen that after a loud blast, a fireball emerged which engulfed the minister.

The Labor Minister was immediately shifted to Jangipur Hospital where doctors, seeing his condition, shifted him to Murshidabad Medical Hospital.

The minister was given emergency medical treatment at Murshidabad Hospital after which he was shifted to Calcutta Hospital. Doctors have declared Zakir Hussain’s condition out of danger.

According to security sources, the bombing was an act of terrorism in which the Labor Minister was targeted. Police gathered evidence from the scene and launched an investigation.

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal strongly condemned the attack on Zakir Hussain and prayed for his speedy recovery.

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