The worst snowstorm in the US state of Texas has wreaked havoc, leaving millions without water and electricity for two days, and severe weather has killed 25 people so far.

According to international media, many southern states of the United States are currently in the grip of a severe blizzard, but the state of Texas has been most affected.

The temperature in the state is minus 18 degrees Celsius and in such cold weather, about 2 million people have been without water and electricity for two days.

No Electricity & Water in Extereme cold weather in US

People are trying to keep themselves warm by burning firewood, which has led to a shortage of firewood, as well as grocery stores.

Home heating has turned to ice due to the suspension of the heating system.

Extereme cold weather in US

A woman shared a photo of her fish tank on social media which is completely frozen and the fish inside it is chilly.

Extereme cold weather in US

Another photo emerged from Dallas showing a car parked under a leaking water pipe that is now frozen.

Extreme weather and accidents have killed at least 21 people so far.

Authorities say the blizzard is the worst in 30 years, and warnings that the situation could worsen.

The National Weather Service says more blizzards are expected across the country, affecting about 150 million people. At present, more than 73 percent of the country is completely covered by snow.

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