KABUL: A series of shootings and bomb blasts in the Afghan capital could not be stopped, as a result of today’s firing, the head of the Fair and Free Election has been killed.

According to Afghan media reports, the CEO of Fair and Free Election, Yousuf Rashid, was targeted by unknown gunmen in Kabul.

Yousuf Rashid’s brother, Abdul Baqi Rashid, said the incident took place at 8:30 a.m. local time in the Tini Kot area of ​​Kabul when Owais Rashid was on his way to his office as usual when gunmen opened fire on his vehicle. As a result, he and his driver were seriously injured.

The injured were taken to the hospital after the incident, but Yousuf Rashid died before reaching the hospital. Kabul police have also confirmed his death.

According to Afghan media, Yousuf Rashid was the most popular civil society activist in Kabul. No group, including the Taliban, immediately claimed responsibility for the attack.

A roadside bomb blast in the Afghan capital, Kabul, killed at least five people, including three doctors, yesterday.

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