BERLIN: A car thief in Germany was trapped in a car after a door lock was broken, and police pulled him out of the car and arrested him.

According to a report of a foreign news agency, an alleged car thief in a German city sat in it to steal a car in the dark of night. He got stuck inside the car due to the broken lock of the car door. The accused was taken out of the vehicle by the police in the morning and arrested.

According to the police, the residents of the area reported that a person was sitting in the car in a state of distress and wanted to get out but was not succeeding. Maybe this person is stuck in his car and he needs help.

According to the report, when the police personnel reached the spot, they saw that for some reason, the man could not open any door of the vehicle from inside. The lock on the door next to the seat was apparently broken.

Police say that seeing the distress of the person sitting inside the car, it was guessed that he may not even be the owner of the car.

According to police, after a 20-minute effort, when he opened the door next to the driver’s seat and pulled the man out, he confessed that he wanted to steal the car.

According to the report, the 52-year-old man told the police that he did not know whose car it was. I wanted to steal it. I forced the door open but as soon as I sat inside, some part of the door lock broke, or maybe due to the breakdown of the car’s electrical system, the car did not start and I could not get out.

Police took the accused out of the vehicle and arrested him. Police said that during the investigation it was found out that he had committed various crimes before and was also convicted.

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