New Delhi: Indian clown Anchor Arnab Goswami’s actions have tarnished the image of the Indian National Security Agency. Goswami’s chat has revealed many secrets.

According to details, Goswami and Pratho Das Gupta, head of the Indian Broadcast Audience Research Council, had a WhatsApp chat, which exposed the Indian government’s actions.

According to the chat, Arnab Goswami was aware of the decisions being taken at the highest level in India. Goswami’s actions also exposed military decisions at the highest level in India. This chat has exposed the lack of seriousness in India’s national security agencies and decision-making.

Indian decision-makers continue to play into the hands of clown anchor obsessed with TRPs, chat reveals that India killed its own soldiers in Pulwama, blames Pakistan, Narendra Modi kept shedding crocodile tears standing over the bodies of 40 Indian soldiers.

Arnab Goswami was aware not only of the attack on Balakot but also of the repeal of Article 370. Goswami worked with the head of the rating agency BARC to increase the rating of his channel. On February 23, 2019, Arnab informed the BARC chief in advance of the big news about Pakistan. Goswami said that there would be a bigger action against Pakistan than usual.

Goswami knew that something unusual was going to happen in Kashmir. According to Goswami, the Modi government wanted to appease the people with its anti-Pakistan action. After the Balakot attack, Goswami told the BARC chief that further action would be taken.

According to information leaked from the PM’s office, Goswami wanted to follow CNN’s Iraq coverage on his channel. Arnab Goswami’s Indian nationalism was in fact an excuse to get only TRPs.

It should be noted that Indian Professor Ashok Swain has already termed Pulwama as a drama. According to Prof. Ashok, Modi did in Pulwama what he did in Gujarat in 2002. Modi allowed Pulwama to be a drama to garner votes.

It may be recalled that Arnab Goswami was arrested on November 4, 2020, in connection with the suicide of a woman and her son. Arnab Goswami had to pay Rs. 8.3 million to an interior designer. Goswami also attacked a female officer during the arrest.

On the other hand, when Goswami was caught, the Indian government became active for him, The Supreme Court also supported him. The President of the Indian Supreme Court Bar, Dashyant Dev Goswami, resigned in view of this preferential treatment.

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