New Delhi: India could not get the chairmanship of the two most important committees of the Security Council, the committee members expressed no confidence in India.

According to the details, India wanted to head the committees on sanctions against Al Qaeda, ISIS, Afghan affairs, and nuclear non-proliferation. The member countries of these committees did not allow India to function. The chairmanship of the UN Security Council Committee 1267 could not be obtained. India also failed to secure the chairmanship of the Security Council Committee 1540.

Committee 1267 has the authority to impose sanctions on Al Qaeda and ISIS. Committee 1540 deals with nuclear non-proliferation and Afghan affairs. India failed to get the support of 15 members of the Security Council.

Non-voting countries took the position that India could have used the committee for their own interests. India wants to increase the negative agenda against Pakistan by gaining this position. Keep in mind that India tried hard for the chairmanship but failed. Pakistan last year asked both committees to ban four Indian nationals. These Indian citizens supported the banned TTP and Jamaat-ul-Harrar.

Pakistan also briefed the TTP and Jamaat-ul-Harrar on Indian funding.

The member states of the committees say that India is not a suitable country for the chairmanship of the Committee on Nuclear Non-Proliferation. Meanwhile, India could not even head the committee on Afghan affairs

According to member states, becoming India’s head could have a negative impact on the Afghan peace process.

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