Tarasp: In Switzerland, a father and son were buried by the collapse of a hand-made igloo (house made of ice). The father tried to save his life but he could not save his seven-year-old son.

According to the details, a tragic accident has taken place in the icy region of Tarasp in the state of Gerbeinen in eastern Switzerland in which the father and son were buried in the snow when their hand-made igloo (ice house) fell.

In this regard, the Swiss police say that the accident took place at 11 am yesterday when the house made of snow suddenly collapsed. According to police, both were inside at the time of the accident.

According to the foreign news agency, after the accident, the boy’s father somehow managed to get himself out of the snow, but he kept searching for his seven-year-old son for a long time.

The baby was later found by a man who arrived 15 minutes later. Later, the rescue team also tried to bring the child to consciousness but failed.

The boy was taken to hospital in critical condition but died during treatment. Police are investigating the crash while the child’s father and other family members are being cared for.

Swiss police say sports activities such as sandbags or eagles can be very dangerous, so extreme caution is needed.

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