Washington – The US Senate has approved the appointment of Alejandro Mayorkas as head of homeland security.

According to the foreign news agency, Alejandro Mayorkas has been appointed as the head of homeland security, the US Senate has approved his appointment.

Alejandro Mayorkas is from Latin America. Alejandro Mayorkas is the first immigrant to the Biden administration to hold a key position since Senate approval.

According to US media, the new US President Joe Biden’s cabinet nominations and the steps taken have proved that he has a full understanding of the nature, quantity, and solution of the problems facing him and is fully prepared to deal with them.

Earlier, on January 26, the US Senate approved the appointment of Anthony Blanken as Secretary of State. According to US media, the Senate had 78 votes in favor of Anthony Blanken and 22 against. Anthony Blanken has also been the US Deputy Secretary of State under Obama.

It is clear that a new history of American politics is being made under the presidency of Joe Biden, women have been given full representation in the team of the newly elected president, while for the first time a former military officer of African descent has been appointed Minister of Defense.

Former US President-elect Joe Biden has nominated former General Lloyd Austin as Secretary of Defense and his appointment has been approved by the Senate. Lloyd Austin was the head of the US military in Iraq and retired in 2016.

In addition, Janet Yellen has been named Finance Minister and Aurel Heinz has been named Director of National Intelligence, and Linda Thomas Greenfield, a 35-year diplomat, has been named US Ambassador to the United Nations.

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