Kabul: Immoral activities of Indians in Afghanistan have reached a peak, an Indian tourist raped a 15-year-old Afghan girl in Kabul.


India is reaching the brink of moral degradation, with Indian forces as well as Indian citizens engaging in heinous sports such as rape and violence, a similar incident has taken place in Afghanistan, where incidents of child sexual abuse and video making by Indians have been reported.

According to Afghan media, an Indian gang was involved in the heinous act of raping a minor girl in Kabul. An Indian citizen who came in the form of a tourist raped a 15-year-old Afghan girl in Kabul. The Indian citizen has been identified as Deep Desai, who committed a heinous crime on December 28, 2020.

Afghan Girl Raped by indian

According to Afghan police, Deep Desai threatened the Afghan girl after the rape and told her not to tell anyone about the incident. The victim was so scared that she did not even tell her family. The Indian tourist later shared a video of the abuse on a social networking site which went viral.

Afghan police registered a case on this serious incident and a team of four police stations was formed, which was tasked to arrest the Indian citizen, Afghan police arrested one accused involved in the incident. Later, the Afghan Superintendent of Police confirmed that Indian tourist Deep Desai has been arrested. The people involved in the incident are all adults and the search for the other suspects is ongoing.


Afghan police added that they were also taking steps to stop the online promotion of the video.

Afghan media say that this is not the first time that an Indian has been found involved in the rape of an Afghan girl. Earlier, an Indian defense attache had also raped an Afghan girl. Brigadier General K Narayan, who was posted at the Indian Embassy, ​​was later deported.

Afghan media reported the background to the incident, saying that the Afghan girl had applied for a scholarship to the Indian embassy, ​​where an Indian defense attache had raped her at the embassy. The defense attache was deported but no further action was taken against him.

Afghan Girl raped by Indian Attache

It should be noted that Indian forces are also gang-raping women in occupied Kashmir. The Indian Army is also involved in incidents of rape in UN peacekeeping missions. India has become a hell for foreign women tourists. Many foreign women have been sexually abused by Indian nationals. The Indian capital, New Delhi, tops the list of global rape cases.

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