Following the travel ban imposed by Saudi Arabia, Saudi Arabia offered refunds and bookings without any deductions.

Saudi Arabia’s national airline has announced that passengers who have received a ticket and have not been able to travel due to the ban can refund their ticket or change their booking at no extra charge.

The airline has clarified that no additional charges will be levied on the cancellation of tickets due to the travel ban.
The statement assured that as soon as the travel ban is lifted, flights will be scheduled and bookings will be opened.

The Saudi government has again banned international flights for a week. The decision to suspend international flights was taken due to the outbreak of a new strain of coronavirus in the UK and Europe.

Saudi officials say the decision to suspend flights was made in light of the recent outbreak of the deadly coronavirus and that the government has temporarily closed land and sea routes.

According to media reports, a new strain of the coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the UK and European countries, and no final information has been obtained about it.

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