A car packed with explosives was found outside the house of India’s richest businessman Mukesh Ambani.

According to Indian media reports, a suspicious vehicle was found outside Mukesh Ambani’s house ‘Antelia’ in Mumbai, India.

Suspicious vehicle parked outside Mukesh Ambani's house
Suspicious vehicle parked outside Mukesh Ambani’s house – PC: Indian media

Reports said police and a bomb disposal squad were immediately called upon to report the suspect’s vehicle, which searched the vehicle and recovered explosives and a letter.

According to reports, the text of the letter has been kept secret, but the possibility of a major crackdown has been raised.

Police have registered a case and started the investigation while the SUV vehicle has also been seized but several fake number plates have also been recovered from the vehicle.

On the other hand, the security of Mukesh Ambani’s house has also been increased.

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