New Delhi: A woman in India fell from a height of 30 feet while talking on a mobile phone. Police shifted the body to a hospital and started an investigation into the incident.

The incident took place in the Indian state of Haryana where a young woman fell under a bridge on GT Road in front of the railway station while making a video call from a mobile phone. The woman died after falling from a height of about 30 feet.

From the cards found in the woman’s mobile and bag, she was identified as Anjali Rani. Through the numbers found in the mobile, the police also informed the woman’s family.

Witnesses said the woman was standing on the bridge on GT Road at Railway Station Chowk, holding a mobile phone and making videos. At that moment, the woman fell off the bridge, hit her head, and died on the spot.

Some people also picked up his mobile phone which fell near him which was later handed over to the police. Police also called the last number called from the mobile and called the man to the police station.

Police have shifted the body to a hospital and are investigating the incident.

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