Kolkata: A woman leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party was arrested along with drugs. Police recovered cocaine hidden in a woman’s purse and car during a search.

According to details, Pamela Goswami, a young woman leader of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has been arrested on charges of carrying and using drugs.

According to the Indian media report, during check-in in Kolkata, West Bengal, last evening, police arrested Pamela Goswami, a young BJP leader, for possessing cocaine under her purse and seat in her car.

Along with the accused, her friend and a security guard have also been arrested. According to Indian media reports, the incident took place in the New Alipur area on Friday evening when Goswami and his accomplice were on their way to a cafe on NR Avenue when police suddenly seized them on verified evidence.

During the search, police allegedly found 100 grams of cocaine under the accused’s purse and car seat. Police arrested him shortly afterward. As soon as the police arrested her, she started shouting that the police were trapping her.

According to police sources, Pamela Goswami and her partner Prabir were caught red-handed after repeatedly visiting a special cafe, sitting in a parked car for a long time, and having a suspicious transaction with a young man who got off the motorcycle and went to the car. I came

Police were waiting for the arrival of a BJP woman leader on Friday on suspicion of drug trafficking and then apprehended the accused.

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