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India can’t defeat Pakistan in war: former Indian police officer


“India can’t defeat Pakistan in war” admits former Indian police officer

New Delhi: Former Indian police officer NC Asthana in his new book, while opening the fort of his own country, said that India is not capable of defeating Pakistan on the battlefield.

According to details, Siddharth Varadarjan Asthana, editor of The Wire Current Affairs Portal, said that India does not have a clear explanation of the strategic objectives of Pakistan, China, and China, which is why India does not have the power to win the war with both the countries.

Wire reviewed the book in the context of national security and the conventional arms race and took the position that the fact is that India cannot defeat any country militarily, India and Pakistan must find a solution to the security challenges.

In his book, Varadarajan slammed the political and bureaucratic establishment in particular, saying that it was the habit of Indian leaders to take advantage of hostility towards Pakistan for electoral gain. Provocation is by no means good for the region.

Earlier in November this year, the international magazine The Economist, while unveiling the fortress of the so-called Indian democracy, had said that India was moving towards a dictatorship intoxicated with nationalism and Modi was happy to make India a one-party state.

The magazine said that in the Modi government, followers of Hindutva are being given high government posts, the Indian Army is also being dragged into politics.


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