New Delhi: A large number of sudden deaths of birds have been revealed in different places in three states of India. Bird flu has been confirmed in birds after research.

India Bird-flue

Large numbers of birds have died at various places in the Indian states of Kerala, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan. H5N8 bird flu has been found in the dead birds after the study. Has been banned.

In this regard, the Indian media says that a laboratory in Bhopal has conducted research on the samples of dead birds, after which it has been revealed that bird flu has spread in Alpoza and Kottayam districts of Kerala.

According to experts, the bird flu-causing disease is a sub-type of bird flu avian influenza, a viral infection that has affected several parts of India.

The Minister of State for Forests told the media that all measures have been taken to curb the spread of the virus, but so far there have been no reports of humans being infected with the virus.He said it was not certain whether the virus would infect humans. A rapid response team has been formed to eradicate such birds in the affected areas, he said.

In areas where bird flu has been confirmed, all poultry and birds within a radius of 1 sq km will be precautionarily eliminated to prevent the spread of the flu.

According to an estimate, about 48,000 birds could be killed in Kerala under the decision, the minister added, adding that the loss to bird owners would be compensated.

India Bird-flue

Bird flu has also been confirmed in birds at Pong Dam, a popular tourist destination in Himachal Pradesh. Samples have been sent for testing after the death of hundreds of migratory birds at the dam. After the research, the birds died in Jalandhar and Palampur. I have also been diagnosed with bird flu.

In addition, millions of chickens have died in poultry farms in Barwala, Raipur Rani and Kot districts of Haryana. It is feared that these chickens have died due to bird flu. The suspended department has sought a report from the district authorities on the deaths of chickens to find out how many have died so far.

After the death of the migratory birds, several important decisions were taken in the district administration meeting, under which egg, chicken, meat and fish shops in the four assembly constituencies adjacent to Pong Dam will remain closed and its supply will also remain closed. The ban on tourist activities, boating and fishing will also continue.

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