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India: Frozen body of missing elder found

Shimla: The frozen body of a missing person has been found in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

According to Indian media reports, the body of a 60-year-old man was recovered from Kolo district of Himachal Pradesh who had been missing for two days.

According to police officials, the man left home on the morning of February 3 for work and never returned. The family also tried to find him.

According to police officials, the family was searching for him after his disappearance but nothing was found. Today, the family found the body of an elderly man frozen in the snow.

According to the police, after seeing the body of the family members, they called the police. They did not even think that it was the body of their family member. When police picked him up and tried to identify him, a man standing there recognized the elder.

Police took the body into custody and shifted it to the hospital for post-mortem examination and handed over the body to Khaki family after postmortem. Police have indicated further legal action following the post-mortem report.


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