NEW DELHI: Glacier eruptions in the Indian state of Uttar Khand have wreaked havoc, with flood rallies tearing down the walls of the Rishi Ganga Power Project.

According to Indian media reports, the eruption of a glacier in the mountains of the Indian state of Uttar Khand caused the river Dholi Ganga to flood, as a result of which doomsday passed on the residents of the settlement on the banks of the river in Chamoli district. The floods swept away more than 150 people, the dead bodies of ten of them have been found.

The floods caused severe damage to the Rishi Ganga Power Project, the walls of which collapsed, and machinery was also affected. The Indian government has issued a high alert from Chamoli to Haridwar in view of possible floods, and Srinagar Dam has been evacuated to protect it from floods.

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