New Delhi: In India, an ultrasound showed more than 2,000 stones in the abdomen of an 80-year-old man who was surgically removed.

According to Indian media, 80-year-old Sri Chand, a resident of Haryana, had reached the Jaipur hospital in Kaithal with a complaint of hernia. After undergoing an ultrasound, the doctors found out that he had stones in his stomach, after which it was decided to operate on him.

During the operation, the hospital team removed a total of 2215 small and large stones from Sri Chand’s stomach. It took the hospital team an hour and a half to count the stones.

Dr. Pawar, who was involved in the operation, said that this was the third incident in which more than 2,000 stones had been removed from a patient’s abdomen.

According to him, earlier 11,000 stones were extracted from the stomach of a person in West Bengal, later 5,000 stones were found in the stomach of a patient in Rajasthan.

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