Anao: There is a big development in a double murder case in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, where two Dalit girls were killed and one girl fainted. Police have arrested the accused.

According to details, Anao police have solved the double murder case. In this regard, Lucknow IG Lakshmi Singh told Indian media that the main accused Vinay alias Lambu and his accomplice (minor) have been arrested.

During the interrogation, accused Vinay alias Lambu said that he had befriended a girl sometime back during the lockdown but the girl refused to give his phone number and turned down his love.

The IG said that the accused Vinay alias Lambu was very upset about this. He had mixed the pesticide used in agriculture in a water bottle.

According to police, the accused Vinay said that the girl he loved has been admitted to the hospital. He also asked for salt from the other two girls who died on the day of the incident.

When he got the chance, he gave the poisonous water to the girl but the other girls also drank the water and fainted. After a while, foam started coming out of the girls’ mouths.

After seeing this scene, both the accused fled the scene. Later, two girls died due to drinking poison and one is undergoing treatment in the hospital.

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Police said the forensic team found a bottle of disinfectant, a bottle of water, an empty packet of salt, and cigarette butts at the scene.

It may be recalled that two days ago, three Dalit girls of the same family, aged 14, 15, and 16, left home at 3:00 pm to fetch fodder for their animals.

The three girls were later found unconscious in a field and later succumbed to their injuries before reaching the hospital. The three Dalit girls belong to the same family.

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