New Delhi: A strange murder has taken place in India in which a woman uploaded her status on Facebook after killing her husband.

Husband murdered in India

According to Indian media, Renuka Sharma, a resident of New Delhi, the capital of India, killed her husband Chirag Sharma with a sharp instrument after an argument and later tried to commit suicide.

The incident took place in Chattarpur area of ​​New Delhi. A 36-year-old woman posted a status on her Facebook account after the murder, after which her neighbors immediately informed the police.

Confirming the incident, police said that 37-year-old Chirag Sharma was rushed to the apartment by his neighbors and landlord.

Police said that the door of the apartment was locked from inside. When the door was broken, they saw that there was blood on the floor of the house while traces of blood were also present on the walls.

According to the police officer, the bloody body of the woman’s husband was lying on the ground in the room while the woman was also lying unconscious near her husband’s body in a critical condition.

Police seized the body and shifted the injured accused to the hospital for medical treatment. The woman is currently alive and is undergoing treatment at the AIIMS Hospital in Delhi. A case of murder has been registered against the accused. However, her statement could not be obtained so far.

According to Indian media, the couple was employed by an insurance company and have no children. Initial reports said that there was a lot of resentment between the couple which led to this tragic incident.

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