New Delhi: The popular Bollywood film “Naik” has become a reality, a 19-year-old girl has been made the Chief Minister of the state for one day.

According to Indian media, 19-year-old Shrishti Goswami was made the one-day Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh on the occasion of National Girl Child Day.

In this regard, the girl’s parents said that we are proud of our daughter, every daughter can cross this milestone, we just need their help.

The girl’s parents also thanked the government for choosing their daughter for the award.

Shresti’s parents also suggested other parents not stop supporting their daughters, in this age daughters can achieve everything, our daughter is an example for all.

19-year-old Shristi, who was elected Chief Minister, said, “I am happy to have the honor of being the Chief Minister for one day. I am grateful to Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Trivendra Singh Rawat for this.”

It may be recalled that in the Indian film Naik, a young journalist (Anil Kapoor) is similarly shown as the Chief Minister for one day.

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