Dera Bassi: In Indian Punjab, it became costly for a man to leave a key in a car when a thief entered the car and stole it. The problem was that his wife was also present in the car.

According to details, two dacoits fled to Punjab with a car while the car owner’s wife was also present in the car. The incident took place in Dera Bassi, Punjab, where the couple had come to pay their children’s school fees.

According to the report, a citizen named Rajiv Chand went to Sukhmani School for children’s fees and left the keys inside the car, as his wife was also sitting inside the car at that time.

As the owner of the car went to school, two robbers got into the car, one sat in the driver’s seat and the other sat in the back and closed the woman’s mouth tightly with his hands so that he could not attract people by shouting. ۔

According to the report, the robbers drove the vehicle for five kilometers and then took the woman out of the vehicle.

Police said that a search for the vehicle has been started, CCTV cameras in the area are being checked and the culprits will be nabbed soon.

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