ISLAMABAD: The Malaysian ASEAN Advisory Group has called on the United Nations to intervene immediately to stop Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir, saying India should be stopped from committing serious violations of inhumane laws.

Indian atrocities in kashmir

According to details, a statement issued by the Malaysian ASEAN Advisory Group said that Indian actions in occupied Kashmir must be accounted for and the United Nations should take interest in the situation in occupied Kashmir.

The advisory group said that India was perpetrating atrocities in occupied Kashmir through its forces. We strongly demand that atrocities on the Kashmir independence movement and atrocities against human rights activists be stopped.

The group said that Indian atrocities were harming the dignity and fundamental rights of Kashmiris and the current situation of Kashmiris in the besieged region of Kashmir was dire.

The ASEAN Advisory Group said that Kashmiris were being subjected to brutal barbarism by 900,000 soldiers, atrocities were a clear violation of all international law.

The advisory group called on the United Nations to intervene without delay, saying the United Nations should stop serious violations of India’s inhumane laws.

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