New Born Baby

Saharanpur: Another example of the age of ignorance has come to light in India. A cruel father killed his innocent one-year-old daughter when he did not have a son.

A shocking incident has taken place in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. A cruel father strangled his own innocent daughter and put her to death.

The incident took place in the Noor Basti area of Kotwali in Saharanpur city where an innocent one-year-old girl found it so expensive not to have a boy that she had to pay the price by giving her life.

In this regard, the relatives of the slain girl told the media that the girl’s father was always intoxicated and he was very upset about the birth of his daughter in his house.

The relatives alleged that quarrels had been a daily occurrence in their house since the birth of the girl and the accused used to abuse his wife daily by drinking alcohol and swearing at her.

The sensation spread in the area after the tragic incident and upon receiving the information, the police took the body of the girl into their custody and sent it to the hospital for postmortem.

According to Indian media, the police arrested the accused after a written complaint was lodged by the mother of the slain girl. Police said that the real situation would come to light only after the post-mortem and other investigations of the body and strict action would be taken against the person involved in the crime.

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