According to Arab media, an agreement has been reached between the head of the UN nuclear watchdog and the Iranian government in which Iran is ready to inspect its nuclear program.

The Arab media told that according to this agreement Iran’s nuclear program and nuclear activities will be monitored for three months. In the meantime, Iran has imposed certain conditions that would not allow it to take pictures during inspections of its nuclear assets.

Iran's Nuclear Program

Speaking to reporters in Vienna after returning from Tehran, the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said his talks with Iranian officials had yielded good results that were a solution to the current situation.

He said a temporary technical bilateral agreement had been reached in talks with Iran, under which the IAEA would monitor Iran’s nuclear program and its activities for three months.

“We agree that we will continue this agreement and will review it regularly, during which a decision can be made to suspend or extend the agreement,” he said.

On the other hand, the Iranian Atomic Energy Organization said in a statement that the additional protocol to the 2015 nuclear deal and the IAEA’s access to monitoring the nuclear program would be completely suspended.

Iran’s nuclear watchdog says inspections of its nuclear program will not be allowed beyond a certain point.

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