Tehran: Iran has seized a South Korean flagged ship for environmental pollution, while South Korea has demanded the immediate release of the ship from Iran.

Iran seizes South Korean ship

According to foreign media, Iran’s Revolutionary Guards navy has seized a South Korean-flagged naval vessel in the Persian Gulf for polluting the environment.

Iran says South Korean ship violates international law and protocol

The operation was carried out by the Revolutionary Guards Navy in violation of international law. Iran has seized a South Korean ship and anchored it at a port.

The South Korean ship, named Hankok Chemi, was reportedly loaded with 7,200 tonnes of chemical oil, while those on board were said to be from South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam and Myanmar.

At the request of the Maritime Organization and at the request of the prosecutor of Hormozgan Province, the Iranian army seized the ship and anchored it at an Iranian port.

Seoul has also confirmed the seizure of a South Korean chemical tanker in the waters off Oman by Iranian authorities and called on Iran to release it immediately.

It should be noted that this action by Iran has taken place at a time when there is tension between Tehran and Seoul over the freezing of Iranian funds in South Korean banks due to US sanctions.

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