The Israeli prime minister has blamed Iran for a bomb blast near his ship.

According to Arab media, in an interview, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu accused Iran of being involved in an explosion near an Israeli cargo ship off the coast of the Gulf of Oman last week.

An explosion near an Israeli ship off the coast of the Middle East

Earlier, other officials, including Israel’s defense minister, blamed Iran for the bombing.

According to Arab media, the Israeli prime minister did not present any evidence of his allegations during the interview.

According to media reports, the Israeli cargo ship that exploded near the Arabian Sea last week has been brought to the port of Dubai for repairs, but it is not clear how much damage was done to the ship and the nature of the blast. However, the crew was completely safe in the explosion.

U.S. officials say holes have appeared in both sides of the wreckage of the plane that exploded between Friday and Saturday night.

In this regard, the Israeli Defense Minister said that the preliminary investigation of the incident has revealed that Iran is responsible for it, while Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations and the United States also accused Iran of carrying out the bombing I have raised security concerns.

According to Arab media, Israeli defense officials have arrived in Dubai to investigate the incident.

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