Israeli prosecutors have accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of providing “currency” benefits and abuse of power.

According to foreign news agencies, the Israeli prime minister is facing a corruption case against him at a time when the president has begun talks to form a government.

Israeli PM accused of abuse of power
Benjamin Netanyahu was ordered to appear in person in court for preliminary arguments. | PC: Reuters

Benjamin Netanyahu was ordered to appear in person in court for preliminary arguments, at which point he arrived at the Jerusalem District Court wearing a black mask.

At the hearing, the prosecution accused him of misusing the office to promote political interests.

The case accuses the Israeli prime minister of receiving improper gifts and trading with media outlets for regulatory benefits in exchange for positive coverage.

However, he denied allegations of bribery, breach of trust, and fraud.

The prosecutor in charge of the case told the court that “the relationship between Benjamin Netanyahu and the defendants had become a currency, something that could be traded.”

“This currency could have changed the decision of a government employee,” he added.

It is thought to be the first such trial by an Israeli prime minister since he left office before the first witness testified at the hearing.

Benjamin Netanyahu accused himself of being politically targeted.

Monday’s trial entered a more profound and identifying phase, but a decision could take months.

In the meantime, the Israeli prime minister will not be forced to resign until he is found guilty and all appeals are rejected.

It may be recalled that Netanyahu had on January 2 sought exemption from Parliament in the ongoing corruption, bribery, and fraud cases against him, but he later withdrew it himself.

After which, in late January, the court formally charged him with corruption.

Netanyahu is accused of accepting gifts worth 2 264,000, which falls into the category of corruption.

According to the prosecutor, the gifts include a regulatory discount from Tycoon on other expensive items, including cigars, and on improving coverage of popular news websites.

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