MOSCOW: Russia’s foreign minister has said it is time for Europe to suspend trade in US dollars.

Burning Dollar

According to Russian media, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, in an important statement, specifically mentioned the European reaction against trade in US dollars, saying that not only countries subject to US sanctions but also European countries want to end their commitment to the dollar.

He said that not only the countries on which the United States has imposed sanctions but also the European countries are looking for an opportunity to end their dependence on the dollar due to the misuse of the dollar by Washington.

Sergei Lavrov said that not only China, Russia, Iran, and SCO member states, but also European countries want to rely more on mechanisms through which trade transactions and investments can be made in the national currency.

He said Europe was also trying to find a way to end its dependence on the dollar, adding that economic differences between Washington and the European Union had intensified, with US President Donald Trump’s policies and his own. Many European countries have reacted negatively to the measures.

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