Kuwait City: Kuwait Petroleum Corporation has recommended the government to recruit migrants. The Petroleum Corporation has requested the authorities to grant an exemption to foreign workers.

Kuwait City

According to local media, a senior oil official said that the Petroleum Corporation has requested the relevant government agencies to grant an exemption to foreign workers for strategic projects implemented by Kuwait.

Sources say that there are oil projects that have been completed since last August, while the closure of Kuwait airport now makes it difficult for manufacturers to enter from different countries.

In addition, oil sector projects such as the Environmental Fuel Project, Al-Zour Refinery, Gas Import Facility, and some important oil and gas production projects are in the final stages.

Manufacturers and consulting firms designed for these projects need to enter into final action otherwise the start of these projects will be postponed and the consequences of non-implementation will have to be borne for months and the resulting losses will be millions. Can reach dinars.

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