Kuwait City: Kuwaiti authorities say recipients of the coronavirus vaccine will be given a special certificate containing information about their vaccination.

According to Kuwaiti media, Kuwaiti Health Minister Dr. Basil Al-Sabah has announced that vaccinators will be given a special certificate that will contain information regarding the coronavirus vaccine.

This certificate will be used as a passport for the airport or other places.

Speaking at the inauguration of Hall No. 6 of the Kuwait Vaccination Center, the Minister of Health said that if some countries of the world made this certificate mandatory, this vaccination certificate would create convenience and convenience for the citizens.

He added that the number of people receiving the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine has exceeded 20,000, the report said, adding that the date for the second dose would also be mentioned.

The Health Minister said that so far the number of people registered on the vaccination platform has reached about a quarter of the people belonging to different sections of the society.

He urged all citizens and migrants to register for this vaccination as soon as possible.

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