Woman who killed a maid in Kuwait was sentenced to death

Kuwait City: A local woman who killed a maid in Kuwait was sentenced to death while her husband was sentenced to 4 years in prison.

According to Kuwaiti media, a Kuwaiti criminal court executed a Kuwaiti woman for the murder of a Filipino maid, Jenlin Vlavande, and sentenced her husband to four years in prison. Sheikha Fauzia Al-Sabah, the attache of the embassy’s legal representative, had been involved in the case for a year.

The maid was a Kuwaiti family employee who was tortured to death. The post-mortem report revealed that the employee had been sexually and physically abused for several weeks with violence.

A few months before her death in December 2019, the maid asked not only her agency but also her sponsor to send her back home, but her requests were not answered. The maid’s sponsor reportedly worked for the Kuwaiti Interior Ministry.

Lawyer Sheikha Fauzia said that today’s verdict was fair, the employee was tortured out of jealousy and kept locked in a room for several days while refusing to provide any kind of medical aid due to which He died on the spot.

Meanwhile, the Philippine ambassador to Kuwait, Mohammad Noor Din Pando Sina Lamondat, was pursuing a case against a Kuwaiti couple arrested for murder before the country was locked down.

“We hope for justice for the slain and Kuwait has ne’er backed down from providing justice,” the ambassador aforesaid. The Philippine Ambassador thanked the Attorney General Sheikh Fauzia Al-Sabah, Foreign Secretary Teddy Lucson, and Philippine President Rodrigo for their support and victory in this case.

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