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London: Stabbing incidents on the rise, citizens frightened

LONDON: Two people have been killed and 12 others injured in a stabbing incident in the British capital, London.

According to foreign media reports, the incidents took place in the Colburn and Croydon areas of north-west London. According to a statement issued by the London Ambulance Service, they had received information that two young men had been stabbed in Wilson Lane.

Upon receiving the report, the body of a 20-year-old man was found lying on his neck with knife marks on his neck while another man was critically injured and was rushed to a hospital where his condition is said to be critical.

According to Met Police, similar incidents took place on Friday, at which senior police officers were summoned, where two people were stabbed.

Following the incidents, special Section 60 powers were enforced north of Brent and Westminster, giving police additional search powers, but no arrests have been made yet. An investigation has been launched into the incident.


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