New Delhi: The Modi government in India is facing severe public criticism over the skyrocketing prices of petrol, diesel, and gas.

In India, the main opposition party, the Congress, has been attacking the Modi government over inflation, and today several party leaders, including Rahul Gandhi, have reacted strongly to rising LPG cylinder prices.

Indian PM Modi

Congress leaders have sharply criticized the Modi government for the rise, accusing it of “The Great Robbery”.

In this regard, Congress spokesperson J. Veer Shergill criticized the Modi government on the social networking site Twitter, calling the move “inflation the Great Robbery”. He wrote in one of his tweets that the people got another “injection dose” of inflation from the BJP.

The price of a cylinder has once again increased by 25 rupees. This is the sixth consecutive increase in two months. ”He also wrote that the rising prices of gas, diesel, and petrol (GDP) can now be called“ The Great Robbery ”.

Rahul Gandhi also tweeted after the rising price of LPG cylinders, attacking the Modi government and saying that the price of LPG cylinders has gone up again. Modi government’s powers for the people, stop business, blow the stove.

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