Lucknow: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s younger brother Prahlad Modi also sat on a sit-in against the policies of his elder brother’s government.

According to details, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s younger brother Prahlad Modi staged a sit-in at the Lucknow airport in India against the government’s measures.

Indian media say that Prahlad Modi is angry with the process of arresting his supporters by the police and demands that those arrested to be released as soon as possible.

Prahlad Modi, vice-president of the All India Fair Price Shops Federation, has previously sharply criticized the BJP government, saying in an earlier statement that it had failed to meet the expectations of the people and solve their problems. And the force does not intend to solve public problems.

Prahlad warned the BJP that if the government did not pay attention to the problems of the people, it could face defeat in the Uttar Pradesh and Bihar Assembly elections, otherwise, it would face the same fate in UP and Bihar. It happened to the BJP in Delhi.

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