A 7-year-old girl was shot dead by security forces during a search operation in Myanmar.

According to Reuters and the Aid organization Association for Political Prisoners (AAPP), Myanmar’s security forces during a raid at home have killed a 7-year-old girl in her father’s lap.

7 year-old girl was shot dead by security forces in Myanmar
A 7-year-old girl was shot dead by security forces in Myanmar | PC: AP

Local news agency Myanmar Now quoted the girl’s relatives as saying that security forces kicked in the door of the girl’s house and shot the girl, identified as Khun Mayo Chit, in her father’s lap.

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After entering the house, the soldiers asked the girl’s father if everyone in the family was in the house. When the father said yes, they accused him of lying and shot him instead of the father. The baby will burn.

The brutal murder of a child in the arms of a father is an example of the misuse of violence by Myanmar’s security forces.

Earlier this month, Myanmar’s military, led by General Man Aung Hlaing, overthrew the newly elected government in a coup and seized power, detaining the leader and Nobel laureate Aung San Suu Kyi. The military junta was established.

Protests and strikes against the uprising have been going on in the country since then, but protesters are under intense pressure with widespread reports of shootings, enforced disappearances, and torture of political prisoners by the Janata Police Force and soldiers.

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Despite the dangers, thousands of people across the country are protesting and participating in the civil disobedience movement.

On Wednesday, protesters staged a “silent strike” to keep businesses and shops closed and to keep people at home, with the aim of keeping the entire city closed.

Pictures from local media showed empty streets and deserted roads across the country.

At least 275 people have been killed since the uprising, according to the APP, but human rights groups say the death toll could be much higher.

Save the Children, an international children’s rights group said more than 20 children had been killed.

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