Washington – The US government is losing faith in President Trump, with Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling on the military to protect the nuclear codes from President Trump.

According to US media, US Speaker Nancy Pelosi has declared President Donald Trump mentally ill. He has contacted US Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff and demanded that President Trump protect the nuclear codes.

Nancy Pelosi has told the military that Trump has the authority to carry out nuclear strikes and secret launching codes, to protect those codes to prevent Trump from carrying out a nuclear attack.

He said the mentally ill Trump could be even more dangerous, all steps must now be taken to save Americans.

Will Trump be ousted prematurely?

Meanwhile, credible US media sources have reported that some cabinet members of the US administration and Republican leaders have started discussions in the context of implementing the 25th amendment to remove President Donald Trump from power prematurely.

Members of Congress are also being consulted on the impeachment of President Trump, and several Republicans have agreed to impeach President Trump.

President Trump has refused to attend the inauguration of newly elected President Joe Biden.

It should be noted that the kind of violence witnessed on Capitol Hill in the US capital Washington DC on Wednesday has shaken not only the United States but the whole world and because of this anger against Trump is growing.

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