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NATO’s big decision on Afghanistan

Brussels: NATO Secretary-General has made a major decision regarding the presence of troops in Afghanistan.

According to foreign media, a meeting of NATO defense ministers was held at NATO headquarters in Brussels, during which the defense ministers discussed NATO missions in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“NATO has not confirmed the date of withdrawal from Afghanistan. We are reviewing the situation in Afghanistan. At the meeting, he accused the Taliban of not fulfilling its February 2020 promise.”

He added that while all allies are still reviewing the situation, NATO does not want to stay in Afghanistan too much.

It should be noted that the administration of former US President Trump had agreed to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan on a priority basis.

The agreement reached in February 2020 stated that if the Taliban kept their promises and did not allow al-Qaeda or other militants to operate in areas under their control, they would move forward under national peace talks The United States and its NATO allies will withdraw all troops from Afghanistan in 14 months.


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