Muscat: Oman has announced the opening of its land, air, and sea borders, which will be opened on Tuesday, December 29.

Oman announces to open its routes

According to international media, Oman announced the opening of its land, air, and sea routes from December 29.

A tweet on the government’s Twitter account said that those coming from all countries would be required to take a negative code test 72 hours before the trip, while the second test would be performed on arrival at any airport.

Oman closed its borders last week to avoid a new strain of the coronavirus.

The Code 19 Supreme Committee says the decision to close air and sea borders was made because of a new form of the virus in other countries.

The medical causes of the new form of the virus are the same as the previous ones, but it is seventy times more contagious. It was reported in Australia and South Africa, including the United Kingdom and other European countries.

In this regard, the British Health Secretary says that it is out of control. The new strain of the virus comes at a time when the corona vaccine has been developed in the United States, Britain, and China, raising hopes that the global epidemic will be defeated.

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