Srinagar: The Modi government has postponed this year’s census for five years in another heinous move in the occupied valley. The purpose of postponing the census is to turn the Muslim majority into a minority.

Another nefarious Indian ploy has come to light to change the proportion of the population in Occupied Kashmir. Narendra Modi has geared up for a nefarious conspiracy to turn the Muslim majority into a minority in the Occupied Kashmir Valley.

The Hindutva-affiliated Modi government has postponed the next census in Kashmir from 2021 to 2026. In the same period, efforts will be made to change the proportion of the population. According to the 2011 census, 68% of the population is Muslim.
28% of the population is Hindu and 4% is Sikh and Buddhist.

Occupied Kashmir consists of 3 parts, 58% of which is Ladakh, 26% Jammu, and 16% Kashmir Valley, 55% of the population lives in Occupied Kashmir Valley, 43% Jammu, and 2% Ladakh. The purpose of changing demographics is to sabotage the results of any referendum.

The purpose of postponing the census is to turn the majority Muslim population into a minority over the next five years. Every tactic is being used to distort the Muslim identity of Kashmir. India is facing internal and external condemnation for this heinous project. Recently, members of the British Parliament also condemned the move, calling it a conspiracy to change the outcome of a possible referendum in Kashmir.

Non-Kashmiris continue to be given co-missiles

Domiciles are being issued to millions of non-Kashmiris in the occupied valley. Under the new domicile law, Kashmir domiciles have been issued to more than 1.8 million people, including 6,600 retired soldiers of the Gorkha community. Under this scheme, thousands of non-Kashmiri workers will now be able to get domicile. More than 10,000 laborers have been shifted from Bihar to Kashmir to implement the project.

New electoral boundaries

There are reports that new constituencies are being demarcated in Jammu and Kashmir. Under the new plan, seven seats in the Legislative Assembly will be increased. Seats will be given to Jammu instead of Kashmir, even though Kashmir has a large population. The point is that the BJP needs 44 seats for a simple majority in the Valley which has not been achieved to date. New constituencies will be formed, an attempt will be made to gain a majority by falsifying the elections.
The world has already seen the true face of India’s so-called democracy.

Indian plan, establishment of a new division

Under the Modi government’s plan, a new division is being set up in the occupied valley to influence Jammu and Kashmir. The division will include Ramban, Kishtwar, Doda, Sufyan, Anantnag, and Kulgam districts.

Tribal Muslims tortured by Indian forces

In Occupied Kashmir, 12% of the population is Bakrwal, the majority of whom are Muslims. In Occupied Kashmir, 12% of the population is Bakrwal. More than one lakh Bakrwal population is being subjected to economic and social atrocities. Families are being evicted and displaced from the forests

Apart from this, the Gujjar tribal population is also being punished for being Muslims. The burning of siege houses of nomads is common here. Due to fear, violence, and insecurity, Bakarwal nomads are forced to migrate. More than 20,000 are from Punjab, Himachal Pradesh. They have migrated to Haryana and Uttarakhand. The Indian tactics have further strengthened the spirit of hatred and freedom among Kashmiris.

Separate Israeli-style colonies for Pandits continue

There is also a plan to make millions of local Kashmiris homeless and landless in the valley. The BJP has been planning this for a long time. Separate Israeli-style colonies are being set up for 4 to 5 lakh Kashmiri Pandits. On the other hand, millions of Muslims have been deprived of state protection by the discriminatory citizenship law. In occupied Kashmir, there is a race to buy new properties, including local and foreign companies, as well as the Indian Army, for the security forces in Kashmir. The NOC requirement for land acquisition has been abolished, 129 Kanal of land for military camp in Baramulla is being seized, Indian forces are already occupying 53,353 hectares of land in Kashmir, as the Delhi government has allowed the forces to establish strategic areas.

The Control of Building Act, Jammu, and Kashmir Development Act has also been changed. By allowing the purchase of land, extremist Hindus have been given a way of occupation. The Indian conspiracy to create has come to light.

Lands of local people in Occupied Kashmir are being confiscated and auctioned. Modi government has handed over 20,000 kanals of land to extremists. 43 companies have invested Rs 137,000 crore in Kashmir Global Investors Summit. I am going to buy more than 200,000 acres for nefarious purposes, 15,000 acres of which are adjacent to rivers.

The existence of Kashmir is threatened by the all-out Indian campaign of occupation. These machinations have increased the economic and social misery in occupied Kashmir. The August 2019 move has cost the Kashmiri economy 5. 5.3 billion in one year. And Kashmir is also part of this conspiracy to form its own party.

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