Bern: A video of Switzerland police dancing to a famous African song went viral around the world, after which police from different countries started dancing to the song.

This dance video of the Swiss police appeared on social media a few days ago in which a famous African song is being danced. The video shows police and law enforcement officers shaking hands in unison.

This video is a collection of various videos in which field personnel, officers sitting in offices, and security personnel in front of monitoring screens are dancing.

The video went viral, but its popularity skyrocketed when the Irish police were asked to accept it as a challenge.

Frankie Bates, an Irish radio jockey (RJ) based in Portugal, tweeted a video saying that the Swiss police had decided to do something special for their people in this difficult time. Will the Irish police also accept this challenge?

The tweet was retweeted by several people, even from the official Twitter account of the Swiss police, who said they were looking forward to meeting the challenge.

The situation became even more interesting when the Irish Department of Justice also tweeted from its account, urging the Irish police to meet the challenge.

Eventually, the Irish police’s Twitter account was tweeted and it was said that we accept the challenge.

Irish police have not yet released a video of their dance. Police officers are expected to be busy preparing for the dance steps, but the conversation on Twitter saved people around the world.

Not only this, but the police of different countries also started fulfilling this dance challenge.

Frankie Bates tweeted various videos, one of them by French police and one by police in Johannesburg, South Africa, in which police officers are dancing to the song.

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